Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Sass E. Sisters was created out of a growing understanding of grace and prayer.  Let me start at the beginning, we had moved to Indiana near the end of Melissa’s 2nd grade and Andrew’s 1st.  We were on a mission to help restore life and vitality to the church at Whitestown by training and modeling grace and love to them.  But through this time, I myself received grace and love from my Father in an unexpected way.  I had been praying for 3 years to have the opportunity to home-school our special needs daughter, Melissa; but secretly I wanted to home-school all of my children. Yes, I wanted to join the weir-do’s, but was scared that I would permanently screw up my kids.  The move was perfect timing.  It allowed us to “play school” without all of those haunting thoughts.  Seriously, how much damage could I do in 2 months, especially since they had already taken the tests.   While in Indiana, we lived in a gymnasium, which also functioned as our school.  The kids thought we were living the dream…school, home, gym…AWESOME.  Though I should have bought stock in Kleenex, this year solidified my desire to become a home educator.  The first year of home-schooling (especially if the children have already become accustomed to public school) can be intensely tiring.  We were all on a very steep learning curve.  The two months quickly passed as did the summer, and we were making plans to return to NC.  David had not changed his mind.  He still had every intention of registered the children as soon as we returned, but I kept praying.  The funny thing is that I felt guilty over my prayers, because I wasn’t certain of “God’s will”.  Praying for what I want…was that right?  Do good Christian beg for what they want, even when they are not certain it is the right thing to want?  Nonetheless, I begged.  Our trip home from Indiana was delayed by a month or two, so David gave me the green light to home-school the children another year, with the understanding that we would annually re-evaluate.  I was ecstatic!  We are presently on year number 4 of our home-schooling adventure and are loving it.  Fortunately, God gave us a wonderful group that we get to learn with each week (CC of Andrews).  During this time, I experienced for the first time since marriage the grace to want.  How does this relate to Sass E. Sisters?  More on that in the next post.