Friday, January 13, 2017

Teach Us to Want 
Many of you may be familiar with Jen Pollock Michel's book, Teach Us to Want; or according to my sister, the apple book.  I journeyed through this book with two of my soul sisters.  We wept. We laughed. And we dreamed together.  It was there, in that time and space with children rolling on the floor and crying in those sweet sister's laps, that I found a safe place to dream.  Through this exploration of desire and ambition, grace to want was seen through the acceptance in my sisters' eyes.  I had known this grace to want from my experience with begging to home-school.  But sometimes, you experience things that you just don't have words for yet.  And God wanted me to learn how to want His way.
I remember my mom telling me, "I'm not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up."  These words passed from her lovely lips soon before retirement from her position as a well-respected high school math teacher.  I love that she still dreams.  I remember way back in elementary school, summer's spent setting up a mushroom soup shop with my sister and the Sander's girls, our next door neighbors.  In high school, I started a detailed car washing business.  And after I had my first child, I tried my hand at baby blanket making.  I have heard some people call this the entrepreneurial spirit.  I don't know what it is, but sometimes I just feel crazy for the many ideas that flood this brain.  

Many people think that I named the store in honor of my two sweet daughters that frequently assist me at the local festivals, but I did not.  The name Sass E. Sisters is in honor of the sisters in my life (young, old, familial and spiritual) who have encouraged, aided, and inspired creativity and entrepreneurship.  In the picture, I am the second from the left, and the other ladies are some Sass E. sisters, who have helped launch the business.  Holly (far left) is my biological sister, soul sister and photographer.  Jenni (third from left) is my ETM teammate, soul sister, and photographer.  Jess (far right) is my sister-in-law, ETM teammate, soul sister and quality control manager.  She is willing to test any product I ask her to.  I would never have started Sass E. Sisters without the encouragement and support of these ladies and many others.

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