Friday, January 27, 2017

Why Sass E. Sisters Began

     After reading my last blog, some of you may be wondering why I'm not still selling mushroom soup.  Not only do I not know which mushrooms are poisonous, I don't think mushroom soup would be on high demand.  Creating just natural skin care began for primarily two reasons. 

     The first and primary reason is related to my priorities and available time.  I'll start at the beginning.  I'm one of those people who rest actively.  I could spend all day at the lake swimming, kayaking or swinging from a tree.  On the other hand, David enjoys turning a movie on and falling in and out of sleep during his rest days.  After a couple of movies, I would be on the verge of insanity and madder than the dickens for having to watch these movies.  (By the way, David has never made me watch anything.)  Since I wanted to be with the family, and this is what they wanted to do; I would sit, watch and boil to the point of eruption.  
     I realized one day, sitting and watching TV with my husband did not make me a better wife.  In fact, it may have made me a worse one.   I then decided I was no longer going to be embittered by my families veg-out-rest-day ritual.  I resolved to use that time to pursue hobbies that are of interest to me.  
     That is when I began playing with different all-natural skin care recipes, learning how to make natural soap and exploring the uses and benefits of various essential oils.  With homeschooling during the day and discipleship studies at night our schedules are delightfully full of investing in the apple of God's eye...His Church.  But I have these nuggets of time on the weekend and at the end of the day, when everyone is in bed, that I am free to create.  Therefore, Sass E. Sisters began from a hobby, which has grown into a business.  Stay posted for reason #2 as to why I started selling just natural skin care products instead of mushroom soup.

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